Sunday, July 6, 2014


the only reason why i always off the phone is,

I have to hold my patient of waiting its ringing as promised.

I just dont want to act like crazy by looking at the phone.

I just dont want to act so desperately.

I just dont want to feel disappointed.

am enough with those feelings.

yet, am considering the situations, understand and digest.

and end up with conclusion,

time passes, life changes then all can be changed.
but not my Heart.

the always problem of me is,
I can endure and bear with things people did and let them take me as granted.

sometimes, I feel thankful, but when negative thoughts come, i feel awful. then, I let it go.
let the person be.
being mad, whining, and etc those not solve the problem. then silent is the best option.

I always listen to people, but rarely am being listened.
maybe i have communication problem, i failed to convey my feelings, my expressions and emotions. people dont get it.

now, am down. down again as what if the same thing in the past reoccurs.
hope not.

good nite.

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